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​Good Reads

Big brands are reconsidering their commitment to Facebook

A good rundown of why some of the world's biggest brands, such as Adidas, are reexamining their relationship with Facebook but not because of the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal.

How to optimize the customer journey via performance marketing channels

A detailed look at how performance marketing channels and the richer data they can yield often provides a broader view of customer touch points and can thus highlight exactly how to improve the customer journey.

Key ways in which real-time bidding differs from direct media buys

​There’s been a dramatic shift over the last two and a half years and there is nobody left denying that RTB/programmatic trading is the future. Here's a really plain English breakdown of the key differences between, and pros and cons of, real-time bidding and direct media buys.

Is performance marketing the solution to ad fraud and brand integrity?

​Mthink provides a compelling business case in favour of performance marketing. The article explains how it vastly outperforms Google and YouTube advertising, both in terms of budget management and scalability.

Measuring the value of 'emoji marketing'

Top brands have attempted to engage consumers via emojis; Pepsi recently included various moods and country-specific emojis to encourage people to share images on social media. (In fact, for the past few years it's also been possible to register emoji domain names - that's right if you want 🦄❤🌈.ws, it’s inexpensive and probably still yours for the taking!) But how do we measure the ROI of something that seems as difficult to monetise as voice search at present? Here's a very interesting look at how brands are attempting to "measure the brand value of speaking in cartoons."

How daily deals sites can partner with merchants

​Getting the first merchants on board can be tough. Here's a good overview of the key aspects to consider as daily deals site when partnering with new merchants to help you understand their needs and parameters.

Why native advertising will dominate European display by 2020

​There have been many studies done since 2015 on the effectiveness of native ads compared with other formats. Indeed, native advertising is now the marketing tool of choice for many of the world’s biggest companies. This article discusses the fact advertisers and publishers in Europe too have realised that going native delivers a better overall user experience. And all the more so since the rise of the mobile.

Measuring international campaign ROI

​Expanding your brand internationally remains one of the biggest challenges for many businesses. And it's not straightforward as simply translating the content! In this article, Moravia highlights the KPIs and channels to focus on.

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