Performance marketing presents an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to gain a deeper understanding of the customer acquisition funnel enabling them to more clearly tie marketing efforts to tangible results and to only pay for those results. 

Because today's marketers are empowered with endless data, devices and channels at their disposal, however, it is more challenging to accurately attribute value to particular actions, which can undermine the potential of performance marketing to create more transparent campaigns. 

As globalisation accelerates there are also other fundamental factors marketers need to consider in order to succeed. Political events such as Brexit and the trade policies of the US, have ensured that the future of global trade and business will depend on mutual trust and a stronger understanding of emerging markets, such as China and Africa. 

In 2014, Common Sense Advisory confirmed in their research report, "Can't Read, Won't Buy", that without connection through common languages, efficient translation of services and products, and a full understanding of differences in consumer behaviour, those lost in translation will simply lose out. 

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